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Employee Benefits & Group Benefits Calgary, Alberta

With 35 years of experience, the Couillard Group knows its way around the employee benefit business. Our relationships with major insurance company providers will help instill the trust and confidence you may be looking for in your benefits consultant.

We will help you in determining your company's benefit policy and design a package which will help give your employees the security they are looking for. Our goal is to provide a competitive, cost efficient program which requires little administrative time on the client's part.

The following steps will help you articulate your employee benefit goals and objectives:

  1. Review of what you would like to achieve with your benefit plan, keeping in mind how the plan dovetails with compensation, vacation pay, WCB, CPP, EI and other general employee assistance programs.
  2. With clarity of goals, we can suggest alternative benefit plan structures, keeping it clear and straight-forward.
  3. Request for quotes will be sent out to the major insurance companies looking for competitive, market sensitive pricing and benefit levels.
  4. Summarize the quotes in an executive summary with recommendations as to benefit levels and carrier.
  5. Help with all the application and paperwork with employees
  6. Deliver the employee handbook and wallet certificates at an employee meeting to explain the program, answer questions and promote the employer's investment in their lives.

The following are the general benefit categories:

  1. Dependent life insurance
  2. Life insurance
  3. Long term disability income replacement coverage
  4. Short term disability income replacement coverage
  5. Medical insurance
  6. Critical Illness insurance
  7. Accidental death coverage
  8. Dental insurance
  9. Private Health Spending Accounts

Throughout the year, we are readily accessible for questions and to help solve claims issues, rather than having clients phone 1-800 numbers. At the annual renewal, we will work with the incumbent insurance company to come forward with a fair benefit plan renewal and pricing. As required and from time to time, we will take your plan to market for competitive quotes, just to make sure your plan is current in all respects.

Please contact us to arrange for an easy, introductory meeting.

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